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BioPath Internship Program

Lake Washington Public Schools

High school students learn about career options in the biomedical and bioscience fields by participating in highly-structured internship experiences.

Career Bound College Intern and Job Fair

Mentor Schools

Mentor Public Schools helps develop the school to career pipeline by connecting graduates with local employment opportunities.

Community Connections Office

Loudoun County Public Schools

Teachers, schools, and community partners collaborate to design real world learning experiences for students in Loudon County Public Schools.

Medical Youth Residency Program

Huntley Community School District 158

Students at Huntley High School Medical Academy gain hands-on experience in medical fields by completing rotations similar to those experienced by students in medical school.

Personalized Learning Experiences Program

Meriden Public Schools

Meriden Public Schools’ Personalized Learning Experiences (PLE) program allows high school students to design credit-earning programs of study based on personal or career interests that aren’t covered as part of the standard curriculum.

Place-Based Learning in Medicine

Kettle Moraine School District

Students at the High School of Health Sciences (HS2) participate in immersion experiences in the fields of medical research, emergency medicine, clinical experience, and therapy at local partner sites.

Profession-Based Learning Program

Blue Valley Center for Advanced Professional Studies (CAPS)

Students at Blue Valley CAPS realize their strengths and passions by exploring and experiencing high-growth, high-demand professions professions.

Remote Internship Program

Owsley County School District

Students in Owsley County participate in remote internships with employers around the country to develop their career awareness and readiness.

Technology and Manufacturing CTE Program

Ridgewood High School District

Ridgeway High School District is transforming students’ perceptions and providing opportunities for them to receive relevant training for local jobs in technology and manufacturing.

Work Ethic Certificate Program

Princeton City Schools

Students at Princeton City Schools develop their work ethic and earn certificates through internships and part-time jobs with local partners.

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