Glossary - Real World Learning

Key Terms of Real World Learning

Real World Learning: An approach to learning that involves schools working with community partners and industry experts to engage students in authentic, relevant problems, projects,  and experiences that develop career awareness and readiness.

Career Fair: An in-person event at which students network with professionals and learn about internship, job, and career opportunities.

Community Partner: An individual or organization that collaborates with teachers and/or school leaders to co-design learning opportunities that promote students’ career awareness and readiness.

Industry Expert: A person with the special skill or knowledge representing mastery of a particular subject.

Design Challenge: A challenge presented by a partner in which students develop and pitch solutions to authentic social and/or business challenges.

Expert Feedback: An interaction between a student and an expert during which the student receives feedback and guidance on their work.

Expert in Residence: An ongoing relationship with an expert who co-leads lessons or mini-lessons, serves as a mentor, and/or provides other classroom supports.

Field Trip: An excursion made by students to study a topic first-hand in a professional environment.

Guest Speaker Engagement: An event during which students listen to and engage with a professional to learn about relevant topics, apply professional communication skills, and expand their career awareness. Teachers may use video conferencing to bring virtual guest speakers into their classrooms.

Internship: A professional commitment during which a student assumes a role within an organization. Internships may be credit-bearing and may be paid or unpaid. Internships vary in duration, but are sustained longer than job shadows.

Interview and Resume Workshop: An event where students work with local professionals to develop their resumes and practice interviewing for jobs.

Job Shadow: An opportunity for a student to observe the day-to-day work and responsibilities of a professional by accompanying them as they do their job.

Live Demonstration: A presentation by an expert that provides an opportunity for students to learn about real world applications of topics they are studying and ask questions. Teachers may use video conferencing to allow students to participate in virtual demonstrations.

Mentorship: A relationship with a trusted adult that enables a student to learn about the world of work, discover their strengths and interests, and develop their professional network.

Partner Event: An event hosted by a community partner that allows students to expand their knowledge of one or more local companies and/or organizations and hone their networking skills by interacting directly with professionals.

Student Competition: An opportunity for students to showcase their learning in a competitive setting that recognizes their efforts with awards and feedback from professional experts.

Student Showcase: An event at which students present their work and professional skills to local professionals and community members.

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