Organizations - Real World Learning

YR Media

A national network of young journalists and artists collaborating with top media professionals to create meaningful content

Skype a Scientist

A site connecting teachers to scientists who will Skype into your classroom for 30-60 minutes

STEM Premier

A platform designed to bring together high school students, colleges and companies interested in STEM


An opportunity to record meaningful stories and conversations that are archived at the Library of Congress

Teachers in Industry

A paid summer internship experience and Masters program to help teachers bring industry into the classroom


A program that brings tech industry professionals into high schools to help them build and grow sustainable computer science programs

Technology Student Association

An organizing offering students and teachers opportunities to take the study of STEM beyond the classroom

Teen Drive 365 Video Challenge

An annual challenge that invites teens to create and submit videos designed to stop distracted driving

Virtual Enterprise International

A program that challenges students to establish and manage a simulated company that replicates the functions and demands of a real business

Virtual Job Shadow

A career exploration and planning platform that offers day-in-the-life job shadowing videos, assessments, and search and administrative tools

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