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Out of Eden Learn Program

This initiative connects participating fifth-grade students to other classes worldwide. Students learn to understand people of different backgrounds ​as they take the time to appreciate their own neighborhoods. By introducing global learning in the elementary grades, we prepare students to participate in Global Scholars in middle school. We are in our first year of implementation of this program with one participating elementary school and approximately 100 students. Participation in this program is free.

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Real World Learning means creating opportunities for students to connect what they are taught in school to real-world issues and problems, and to work with other students nationally and internationally to determine solutions.Our intended outcomes for RWL include incorporating content standards while engaging students in authentic, real-world tasks that involve more than simply giving them a “scenario” that mimics a real-world situation.

Our two main goals are (1) to involve students in global learning initiatives that enable them to work with students nationally and internationally on global issues and (2) to encourage them to work collaboratively to identify solutions to these issues that can work within their communities.

Implementation: How We Did It

Out of Eden Learn was implemented for the first time this school year with one participating elementary school. The goal is to have a Global Learning pathway from 5th grade in elementary school to 6-8 grade in middle school. In this era of interconnection, disconnection, and rapid change, this program offers young people opportunities to dialogue and build understanding with peers from different backgrounds.

This is a free online program with a custom-built social media platform where students of similar ages from diverse geographical and socioeconomic settings come together for collective learning experiences. Out of Eden Learn offers 8-12 week-long learning experiences designed around three learning goals. With both online and offline activities, young people are invited to: (1) slow down to observe the world carefully and listen attentively to others, (2) exchange stories and perspectives with one another, and (3) make connections between their own lives and bigger human stories.

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Community Partners
Professional Learning

Community Partners

Out of Eden Learn is a free online program for students ages 3-19 years of age, and is an initiative of Project Zero at the Harvard Graduate School of Education.


All curriculum areas are integrated into both of the programs. An overview of Out of Eden Learn’s Core Learning Journey 1 – The Present and the Local can be found here.


Professional Learning

Ongoing support must be given to participating schools, teachers, and students. There is a need for a designated person to coordinate all of the activities. The Innovative Learning team designs the professional learning strategy and includes not only support for annual curriculum integration but also support for technology integration. PLCs are used and participants are awarded in-service points.

Support Structures

Some funding was obtained from our Equity Department to fund activities (field trips and expert speakers) that related to the work being done during the school year. We enlisted an individual whose sole focus is to support teachers, manage relationships with Global Cities personnel, and oversee the growth of the programs.

The Future of this Work

We are developing Out of Eden Learn to be the segway from fifth grade classrooms into middle school so that there is a Global Learning pathway for Broward County Public School students.

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