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“A Night of Freedom” Community Showcase

Winton Woods City Schools

“A Night of Freedom” brings the city of Cincinnati together and allows students from all grade levels to showcase their work centered around the subject of freedom.

A Network of Urban Schools Committed to Real World Learning

Schools That Can

Schools That Can offers design challenges, STEM maker programs, a Real World Learning rubric, and more to provide educators and students in low-income communities with real world learning opportunities.

BioPath Internship Program

Lake Washington Public Schools

High school students learn about career options in the biomedical and bioscience fields by participating in highly-structured internship experiences.

Career Bound College Intern and Job Fair

Mentor Schools

Mentor Public Schools helps develop the school to career pipeline by connecting graduates with local employment opportunities.

Community Connections Office

Loudoun County Public Schools

Teachers, schools, and community partners collaborate to design real world learning experiences for students in Loudon County Public Schools.

Engineer for the Week

Facebook's Engineer for the Week

Facebook’s Engineer for the Week program empowers historically underrepresented learners to develop career awareness and coding and engineering skills by building working technology prototypes that address a social issue of their choice.

Global Scholars Program

Broward County

Middle school students in Broward County Public Schools connect with peers in other parts of the world through online discussion boards and multimedia projects.

Medical Youth Residency Program

Huntley Community School District 158

Students at Huntley High School Medical Academy gain hands-on experience in medical fields by completing rotations similar to those experienced by students in medical school.

Online Platform for School-Community Connections


CommunityShare’s online platform matches educators with regional community partners who serve as mentors, internship hosts, guest speakers, and more.

Out of Eden Learn Program

Broward County

Broward County Public Schools elementary school students connect with peers from diverse geographical and socioeconomic settings for collective learning experiences.

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